Baby Naming

Traditionally, parents choose to have their children christened because they want them to be brought up in the Christian faith. Today, however, a christening is also used as a time to celebrate the life of a youngster and is regarded as an official event in which to welcome them into the family and community. It’s a chance for family and friends to come together for the child’s special day.

Not every newborn (or child) is baptised, but some are. Weddings, Commitment Ceremonies, Memorial Services, and Celebrations of Life are just a few examples. Although not all individuals are Christian or religious, many people want to baptise their kids. In the event of their death, many parents wish to choose godparents for their newborn(s) or adopted baby. In most cases, this must be done in a Catholic church, or by a Catholic priest. This is often referred to as a “Welcoming,” “Baby Naming” or a “Christening,” which may be done by any celebrant of any religion or faith.

A Baby Naming Ceremony is an excellent alternative to a Christening. In fact, the lovely ceremony has been taking place since Ancient Rome when a kid was introduced to the community and had a unique ceremony known as “The Day Of Naming.”

It’s a non-religious ceremony that welcomes a new baby and connects them to the people who matter most in their life. A baptism, like a Christening, may still reflect the parents’ hopes and desires for the child’s future.

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On several of the couples I have married, I have been privileged to perform such a service on many newborns, including during the parent’s wedding ceremony. I’d be delighted to assist you with the names of your newborn(s), or adopted kid, should you wish it. In past events, the parents have selected a private location, such as indoors or outside, and invited family and friends to join in the celebration.