Have you ever considered fleeing together and leaving all of the stress and expense of a large family wedding, which appears to expand in guests by the day? I can assist if you just want to tie the knot, lawfully, privately, and inexpensively but don’t want a registry office production line wedding.

Are you ready to begin planning your dream wedding?

Elopements, which are becoming more popular and welcomed in the community, are on the rise! There are several motives for people to elope in Melbourne or elsewhere. They’re ideal for conserving money on your wedding. I’ve conducted many little weddings as the officiant. I’ve seen several couples take advantage of the city’s lovely elopement settings.

A small wedding with a few guests or an elopement allows you to focus on the real reason you’re getting married: expressing your love for one another and committing to one another without the stress of a large wedding. Whether you’re eloping secretly or getting married in the presence of your nearest and dearest, it’s crucial to communicate your love and gratitude with beautiful words and stunning pictures on this day of love and joy.

My services are perfect if you want to tie the knot, but don’t have time or money for an elaborate wedding. I’ll help make it happen in a way that suits your budget and schedule! My small wedding chapel is at my disposal which can accommodate about 10 people.