A funeral service is always a difficult moment for any family, so it must be handled with care and sensitivity.

Personal touches, such as personalised favours, music or food that commemorate the distinct life of a loved one, are becoming more frequent in funerals as they break away from tradition. A funeral service is a ceremony that honours the life of a person who has passed away. However, knowing how to properly reflect on the life being celebrated isn’t always straightforward. This is where the assistance of a professional funeral celebrant or officiant comes in handy.

Hiring a celebrant may be an option.

In general, a celebrant’s service differs from traditional funeral services. For example, the celebration of life, which funeral service is all about, often directs the attention to the person being honoured. In addition, many traditional funerals focus on religious customs and traditions, but funeral celebrants frequently emphasise the deceased.

As a funeral celebrant, I work with you and your family to plan a celebration of life rather than a normal funeral. I can develop ceremonies that pay homage and celebrate each person’s life, working collaboratively with those planning the funeral to ensure that their desires are respected.

My commitment is to give each life the attention and respect that no one else can. I can assist you in developing meaningful and memorable services that represent the beliefs and interests of your loved ones and family members.