Name Changing

Congratulations on your marriage! It’s not surprising that one of the questions you were asked at a wedding is as if we’re going to call each other by new names. After all, it is an eventful day when people get married and have their lives changed forever with just one bond or promise between them. Many people are surprised to find out that more than 75% of brides wish they could change their last name after getting married.

Changing your name after marriage

There are a few key things you should know and some important pointers provided to make the process as simple as possible if you’ve recently married and made the choice to change your name. In order to get a better understanding, I’ve tried to respond to as many inquiries as possible regarding the procedure below if I have overlooked any, please let me know and I’ll add them.

After you get married, one or both of you may want to change your last name. To make this process simpler for you, I’ve included information about what’s required by some organisations to alter your name. There are a number of websites and name-change kits available online to assist you in changing your name.

Changing your name can seem like an overwhelming task. It’s something that should be done thoughtfully and carefully, but it doesn’t have to be difficult. I am here for you and can provide assistance with any questions or concerns that come up along the way.